VISA Procedere 2018 EN

                                                                                                                                                   01.  March  2019

For entry to Cambodia, a visa is required in any case;
Please note that the VISA application documents are complete!

The visa can be applied for in 3 places:


1.   By the ROYAL Embassy of Cambodia /Berlin
·        Tourist VISA for Cambodia (VISA T)

       It allows a one-time visit to the country within the three-month period
of validity for a maximum stay of 30 days


              -> The tourist visa can once in Phnom Penh for max. 30 days extended!

 ·        Children are required to pay fee for their own visa application                                                                     (children's passport)

 ·        Business VISA (VISA E)

        valid for 30 days stay, but can be extended at the
                                           Immigration Office of the Ministry of Interior.
              - >
adress:  No. 5  Oknha Men Street,  Phnom Penh
                                            (near the airport Phnom Penh)


  ·        Courtesy VISA for Officials  from  international Organisation or NGO's
                                                                                             (VISA B)

        valid for 30 days stay, but can be extended at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
        International  Cooperation

        The address:   No. 3  Samdech Hun Sen Street,  Phnom Penh.


·        Note: For persons who are going to work for local NGO`s ()  
in Cambodia (please specify!)

                 can apply for a normal tourist or business visa (VISA  T or E)

·        Courtesy VISA for Diplomats and Officials (VISA A)

           valid for 3 month stay, but can be extended 
           at the Ministry of Foreign Af   fairs and International Cooperation
The adress:    No. 3  Samdech Hun Sen Street,  Phnom Penh .

  *    Courtesy VISA for Volunteers or        VISA C)


  ·     All kind of VISA  for the Kingdom of Cambodia
           can be applied at the Royal Embassy of Cambodia

         here the address and more:

                Königliche Botschaft von Kambodscha  
-       Consularsection -

                        Benjamin-Vogelsdorff-Str. 2
13187 Berlin / Germany 

                                   Tel..:  +49 (0)30 -48 63 79 01
                                    Fax:  +49 (0)30 -48 63 79 73 



2.   Visa on Arrival (D)

      An VISA on Arrival can only be applied to the international border gates:
               -> Cambodia – Thailand – Border
               -> Cambodia – Viet nam – Border            

                -> Airports Phnom Penh and Siam Reap

3.   e- VISA online


                             European persons can request an e-visa online by the internet-site:
                                 -> Ministry of Foreigh Affairs and International Cooperation’s website

            ->  you must upload a passport photo (digital and biometrically)
             wich can be found on your PDF/e-visa document (A4) (Please print out 2 x)
            It entitles to entry only on the International Checkpoints/Border including
                                                            the airports Phnom Penh and Siam Reap.
            For this e-visa you are solely responsible and receive, and
                                                            no futher information from the Embassy in Berlin!

             -> If you have problems; please call:
                                  Department of Legal and Consular Affairs
                                                             fon: +855 – 23 22 49 72
                                                             fax: +855 – 23 22 49 73
The fees for VISA
and / or postage are to be transferred to

è  Royal Embassy of Cambodia

                                 IBAN:  DE74 1007 0100 0272 0498 10                       
                                                 Bankcode  100 701 00
                                                 Account:    0272 0498 10  

                                      (S.W.I.F.T.) BIC:  DEUTDEDBBB101
                                                      Bank:     DEUTSCHE BANK AG    Berlin / Filiale 701                                             

è as reason enter "Visa: name, first name" to

è as purpose, please enter "Porto: name, first name" to

è no checks / we don't  accept checks 

è In the absence of stamped return envelope or copy of paying:

No starting the processing of the visa application on the same day!


1. Application documents and further information

§  Arrangement


 Each applicant must complete a visa application form signed, and ->

è  it together with a current biometric passport photo

è  a passport valid for at least (more than) six months from the date of entry

è  the copy of the transfer fee of the VISA fee/s  and/or  postage

è  addressed envelope is enclosed, postage paid,
        sending location is Berlin/Germany

è    submit to the Consular Section of the Embassy

In the absence of stamped return envelope or copy of paying fee:

No starting the processing of the visa application on the same day!


Please contact the embassy in advance for an immediate visa


The usual processing period in the consular department is

       three (3) working-days by VISA T and E (personal apply)

       five (5) working-days by VISA T and E  (througt post)

  from the receipt of the complete visa application documents.

                    -> by VISA A: 3 weeks or longer

                    -> by VISA B:  3 weeks or longer

                    -> by VISA C: 3 weeks or longer               

When submitting the application by post in Germany,

             the following information must be observed:

 ·         The Embassy is not responsible for the loss of documents by mail

             It is recommended  the dispatch by registered mail, transfer-registered
             or courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.).

                                         The respective transport regulations must be observed.

                                         The return is from Germany!

 ·         Documents from fellow travelers can be sent together

 ·         International shipping by docoments

                           Please note the postage that the return is from Germany

                          and choose yourself the price (see note)

                          and a secure transport variant of the documents
                          and you be in the time


             If the VISA stay is exceeded in Cambodia:

             The duty imposed on departure per person per extra day a penalty fee
                                      of at least ten (10, -) US dollars,

                                      payable immediately in cash!


You lost your passport:

Please hold for an emergency visa beforehand consultation with the Embassy



You have problems

                               with this web-site:    
                               please send a message to:


 2. VISA-Extension

  The VISA owner has to take care of the VISA extension himself!

This you can do only in Phnom Penh  !!


3. VISA-form    (German/English) / PDF for print

 ·         Please first print out, than fill out/complete this visa form


·         VISA – form for Cambodia                            /   English

·         VISA – procedure /short form                       /  English

-> If you like: first fill out the online visa-form, after them you print out:

·         PC-form-> VISA – Application – form           /  English       (new)



. alle Checkpoints/ Border gates  Cambodia


                                                               Phnom Penh
                                                               Siam Reap

 4.b. VISA on Arrival / Border gates / International/ over street

                   Cham Yeam International checkpoint                 (Thailand)

                    Poi Pet        International checkpoint                 (Thailand)

                    O’Smach     International checkpoint                 (Thailand)


                   Bavet         International checkpoint                  (Viet Nam)

                      Kha Orm Sam Nor International checkpoint    (Viet Nam)

4.c. Border gate / river Mekong / Viet Nam  (only control point!)

 Kaom Samnor (Kandal Province)  // Vinh Xuong (Tan Chao) Viet Nam


4.d. Border gate / Golf von Thailand /seaport  

                                                          Preah Sihanoukville


4.e. E-VISA-Border gates                                               

                  Aranyaprathet / Poi Pet                                    (to Thailand)
                  Had Lek /Cham Yeam (Koh Kong Province)    (to Thailand)                                                        

                  Bavet (Svay Rieng)/ Moc Bai                            (to Viet Nam)


4.f. Border gates / all      Cambodia-Thailand:

1.- O`Smach Border (Oddar Meanchay Province)

             Thailand Border Chong Chrom -> to Surin

2.- Krong Poi Pet (Banteay Mean Chay Province) /Street Nr 5 /

            Thailand Border Aranya Prateth -> to Bangkok

3.- Phsar Prum  (Pailin City) / Street Nr. 57 /

             Thailand Border Ban Pakard -> to Chantaburi

4.- Phnomdei Border (Battambang Province) / Street Nr.57-B/

             Roneam Daun Sam Wildlife Sanctuary

5.- Chong Chorm Border (Oddormeanchey)

6.- Cham Yeam  Border  (Koh Kong Province) / Street Nr. 48 /

            Thailand  Border Het - Lek  -> to Bangkok over Trat             


                                           Cambodia - Viet Nam:

1.- Krong Bavet (Svay Rieng Province)  / Street Nr .1 /

           Viet Nam Border Moc Bai          -> to Ho-Chi-Minh-Town

2.- Kaam Samnor (Kandal Province) ->

           Viet Nam Border  Vinh Xuong   -> to Cha Doc

3.- Phnom Den (Takeo Province) / Street Nr. 2/

         Viet Nam  Border Tinh Bien       -> to Chau Doc

O Yadaw ( )  ->

         Viet Nam Border Le Thanh         -> to Hoi An

5.- Trapeang Phlong (Kampong Cham Province) ->

          Viet Nam Border Xa Mat          -> to Ho-Chi-Minh-Town

6. Trapeang Sre (Kratie Province) ->

          Viet Nam Border Loc Ninh      -> to Binh Long



1. - Stung Treng Border Point / Street Nr.7  (Cambodia  to Lao)


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